Support Eve Hunt

Eve Hunt is a project which aims to help you to have a better PvP experience in Eve Online.

Eve Hunt aims to be useful to you whether you are on offensive or defensive side, whether you are interested in WH, Null-sec or Low-sec combat.

If you like this project and it has been useful to you, you can support our effort and help us to continue the development of new features and update existing ones. We appreciate any support!

Donate ISK

If you would like to support us in-game, send ISK to Ravadre.

Donate BTC

If you prefer, you can send us some BTC, we will happily spend it on plexes and pizza.

You can send BTC to 1847pQtL4SCUDe9jDmMsHrWQBzTgaXUTEJ

Thank you!